Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just couldn't do it.

So this week I had a request for a Diaper Bag made with Hello Kitty fabric.
After a few trips to the local fabric stores I found the choices slim.
Yes, they had Hello Kitty but it wasn't the best quality and it was very juvenile looking. I stood in the fabric store and thought to myself, I just can't do it !!!  I just couldn't do it !!! So I called the customer and explained my dilemma and said, Trust me, let me pick out a cute fabric and I will find some other way to add Hello Kitty.

Yes, the customer is always right and yes, the whole idea of my One of a Kind Bags is to let the buyer pick and choose what they want. Hate to say BUT , but this time I had to step in.

So here is the Diaper bag with a matching wipe holder. I found a blinged out Hello Kitty and used it for accent on the wipe holder.
I brought it to the customer yesterday and she was thrilled with the outcome.
I am so glad I went with my gut instinct on this one.