Monday, January 31, 2011

Working beyond my comfort zone.

Since starting my purse business I have learned a lot, most of it self taught. Of course, I can't take all the credit for the things I have accomplished, I have had lots of support along the way. My family and friends have been incredible and without them I would not have been able to live my dream.
With that being said, I have spent all morning working on my website. I switched from one web host to another because I found the first one to be so frustrating and time consuming. When I researched this new host I asked all kinds of questions. I was assured this was so easy to do and was told if you did all of your other site with that other company you will have no problem at all working with our system. A piece of cake.
You don't even want to know what I want to do with that piece of cake....
If someone was to ask me today if they should hire someone one to set up their website I would say YES !!!!! Is it rewarding when it is all done, yes, but the time and energy to set it up by far out ways the cost.
I am going to push forward and continue to work on my new website and I hope it will be done by weeks end.
I will let you all know when it is ready for it's close up.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

You can lead a horse to water...

Yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon with my husband family.
During the time there my phone rang a few time regarding my business. I took those calls but may sure I got up and walk away from the family so I would not sitting at the table full of family discussing business. At one point one of my in laws or maybe for this story I should refer to him as a outlaw..... made a negative reference to my business.
Now mind you he has never taken the time to hear the details of my business, asked about this companies history or  about the outstanding products this company provides.
Of course I tried to tell him about the outstanding products, tried to share that they are better for you, better for the environment and cost less than the grocery store brands but he didn't hear any of that, he just kept going back to what he believed to be a fly by night multi level marketing company. I shared with him about this companies 25 years in business, how it has received many awards for it outstanding business practices, and how it made $948 million dollars last year, 2010 when the unemployment rate was the highest, foreclosure with at a record high, etc..etc...
Still he focus on the fact they pay their marketing executive differently so it can't be a legitimate company.
My thought is when you have a company that is constantly striving to produce products that help you live a healthier life, offer more cost effective products that are safer for you, your family and the environmental and offer you a opportunity to help your  family financially wouldn't  you just embrace it and be thankful someone cares enough about you to share it with you????
So I decided I wasn't going to spend anymore time sharing it with him because like my Dad always says "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink"
Thanks Dad !!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

As promised.

Hope you all have recovered from my TMI post yesterday, I promise Wally's won't be anything like that.
So yesterday I promised to share with you the supplement my husband Wally takes daily.
My husband's job at times can be quite strenuous and very hard on his body. As a result of that he used to have chronic back and knee pain. I used to call him snap, crackle, and pop in the morning because when he got out of bed all his joints would make all kinds of popping and cracking noise.
He started taking a supplement with Glucosamine, Chodrotin, and several other ingredients  to help repair, rejuvenate, and replenish the joints. 
His pain is gone and so are the snap, crackle and pops.
My son Jon is also on this supplement, over the summer he tore his ACL, he was in a lot of pain and had very little mobility in his knee, his recovery has been a long one but since taking this supplement daily  his pain is gone and his knee is starting to feel "normal" again.
My dear friend Joy has suffered with Fibyromialga for many years, she has lived in constant pain and has days she can hardly get out of bed. I recommended this supplement to her and out of desperation she started taking it. I am happy to say it has changed her life. Does she still have this horrible disease, yes, but at least now her constant pain is gone and she has her quality of life back.
I can give you several more stories about this supplement, but this blog post is getting pretty long already.
Today I am off to a quilt show with a great friend, and I am not going to buy any fabric.   Yeah right !!!!
Have a great day.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today I am going to share some information and some products that have improved and changed my life.
I titled this post TMI (too much information)because of what I am going to share with you.
Most of my adult life I have dealt with issues regarding my digestion system, some Doctors said it was IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) other said  a sensitivity to dairy, either way it was a issue. About 5 years ago the problem got worse when I had my Gallbladder removed.
In September I was introduced to an amazing Wellness        company with outstanding products. I started taking their vitamins and a couple different supplements. One of the supplements I take daily is a probiotic called Florify and the other is a fiber drink called Fiberwise.
Now, here is where the TMI comes in, I will try to word this so that I don't scare you all way but for the first time since my childhood I have a normal, healthy, waste removal system.... How did I do?????
Why might you ask would I share something like this on a blog???? Well, I am 48 years old, I have dealt with this issue since my early teens, it took me this long to find something that would help my condition and I want to share it with others.
There are always going to be subject matter that aren't easy to talk about, but by talking about it I just might be able to help improve someone elses life and help improve their health.
So there it is, if you want to learn more about these products please contact me.
My next post is about the supplement my husband Wally takes.... are you scared????

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Positive Feedback

I am pleasantly surprised at all the positive feedback I have received since I started posting about safer, healthier lifestyle.
It is sad that major companies lure us in with fancy packages, advertising and coupons but mask the fact that they are using dangerous chemicals in their products.
The new J&J commerical talks about other companies not showing you what is really in their products as their camera pans across natural ingredients. Then they show a women cleaning her window with Windex and a little girl running up to the window. Do you know what is in Windex, Ammonia to name just one toxic ingredient. They also have formaldehyde in their baby products, it is used as a preservative. Yikes, what are we using on and around our kids ???  Then we wonder why are kids have asthma, allergies and other disease.
It's not that we are a bad parents because we use these products, it because these large companies spend so much money on advertising and store distribution and manufacturing that they have to cut the cost on the ingredients used in the products.
Not only that, they have shipped out their manufacturing to other countries, did you know 78% of the products that P&G products is made and manufactured in foreign countries.
We already know how China uses lead and other toxins in their products, who knows what else goes on in these manufacturing plants.
Wow, I guess I need to step off  my soap box this morning, I got a little carried away, I am just so passionate about sharing a safer lifestyle that if makes me mad these large companies are hurting people.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Helping others.

Little did I know when I set out to find safer, more effective products for my family and my home that I would be helping so many people.
It is true, once I found these products and started using them I just had to share it with my family and friends. I am so glad I did because now they are starting to use these products and seeing the positive results.
My Mother was the most positive person I know, she always looked for the best in every person and every situation, she always said, Something good comes out of something bad. She is still working her magic. I sought out better, safer products because of her cancer. Now I am sharing with others and making a difference, not only physically but in some cases financially. Thanks Mom.
I love hearing how these products have helped and changed lives and I would love to share them with you too.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sharing some great stories.

Just wanted to share a few stories about these amazing products I referred to in my previous post.

Red Nail Polish !!! So one of my referrals called me and said his girlfriend spilled red nail polish on his brand new carpet. He said he called two carpet cleaning companies and they both laughed at him and told him there was nothing they could do. He called me and asked if any of the natural products could remove his nail polish. I told him to used one of the products full strength and blot it with a towel. Well, guess what????? It came out.

Another friend I referred to this amazing wellness company had been suffering with Fibroymialga for several years. She was an in home nurse and was not longer able to do her job because of her disease. I sent her an amazing tape of a women who had several Auto Immune Diseases including Fibryo, and was using several of the vitamins and supplements from this company and her life had changed drastically.
My friend ordered these vitamins and supplements and started feeling better within days.

I love sharing this company and the benefits to everyone I know, it has truly changed their lives. I have at least 5 people tell me that their HE front end loading washing machine always left their cloths and towel smelling musty. Since switching to this companies laundry detergent the smell is gone. Not only is the smell gone, this product is more efficient, super concentrated and saved them money.

Would love to share all my stories, maybe I will.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Been Away too long.

Sorry, I have been away far too long.
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and is enjoying the New Year.
I have been busy with a new venture in life. As most of you know I lost my Mother to Breast Cancer over a year and a half ago. We were told by the Doctors that her Cancer was not genetic but environmental and that we needed to remove all the toxic chemicals out of her life and ours as well.
So I went on a search for safer products from all of my families houses. Was disappointed with the grocery store "Green" brands and found the health food store "green" brand far too expensive.
Back in September a friend introduced to  Wellness company that had superior products for my home and family. They were products we all use in our everyday life. They were free from chemicals and safe for my family. They had superior vitamins and supplements and the majority of the products cost less then the grocery store brands. So here I found, safer, more cost effective products for my family.
I was so happy with these products that I just wanted to share with all my family and friends. Wally encouraged me to do this as a way of supplementing our family income. He said I was so passionate about the products and the positive effects it had that I should share my excitement and profit from it. I knew there was a good reason I married him.....
Of course, this put my second passion on the back burner but since I have so much more energy now that I am taking vitamins, I know can get back to doing both.
If you are ready to remove all the dangerous chemicals out of your life and families lives, just send me a private message.