Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saw this on Creative Connections Blog

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

That says it all, Thank you Eleanor !!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just don't call me the Bag Lady !!!!

I just got done making 29 Eco friendly Bella Totes for the employees at The Bright Horizons Center at Mayo Hospital.
They will be presented to all the employee's tomorrow for Earth Day.
Yes, that is me holding all the bags. I hate the camera but felt I deserved to be the one holding the bags.
I hope to follow up with a picture of all the girls and their bags.

The bag size in this picture is medium.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bella Totes.

Okay, I know I am slow posting these but life has been a bit crazy. (But Good !!)
I have decided to call my totes Bella Totes, they come in three sizes and many color variations.
I also have The Mommy and Me, which is matching totes for Mother and Daughter, they are usually different sizes.

The small size is about 10" deep by 12" wide.
It is picture below in the Brown, Pink, and Red fabric.
The medium is 14" deep by 16 " wide, and it is the Green, Blue and White one.
The large is 17" deep by about 22 inches wide, it is the Red, Peach and White one featured below.
The bags are very sturdy, and are reversible. The have padded straps for added comfort.
They have been know to carry a lot in them and have been used for many purposes.
My daughter uses hers as her school bag, I have used mine for grocery shopping, traveling, the gym ( yeah right) and the beach. They make great gifts and the teacher just love them.
The small size is $15, medium are $20, and the large are $25.
I have several made in a variety of colors but you can custom your favorite color choices as well.
You can order them by e-mailing me at

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Boutique

Yesterday I took part in a Spring Boutique at The Potato Barn in Mesa.
It was a very warm day and the crowds were low but it was a perfect time  for me to try out a new display.
Of course it needs a little work but with the help of my wonderful husband, my Dad and my sister, Kath we got it up and looking not half bad.

Check my website out in the next day or so, I have lots of great new Diaper/Book Bags to add and well as a few new purses and some fun fabric choices.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy sewing for the big boutique.

My machine is smoking !!!
I have been sewing up a storm getting ready for the Spring Boutique this Saturday, April 17th.
So come on out and see all the great new Purses, Diaper Bags and Bella Totes. I have used some great new fabrics from  Amy Butler, Micheal Miller, Free Spirit,  and of course Moda.
The sale is located at The Potato Barn on Willamsfield Rd. between Recker and Higley.
It's starts at 8 am. and runs till 3:00. I am told there will be 49 vendors.
I will take lots of pictures and post them Sunday for all my out of town friends and family.
I also have been having fun with my new Cricut machine, making banner and signs.
Oh the trouble I get my self into !!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Having a crafty morning with Amanda.

Amanda I decided it was time for a new Easter Wreath, so this morning, out came the plastic eggs and glue gun.
We had fun placing our eggs on our wreath and added bling as well.
My friend Karen, sent Amanda glitter glue sticks so we had to add a little glitter to our wreath.
Off to Micheal's to get some ribbon.