Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stepping out of the box.

I have been having so much fun lately trying new things.
I have always wanted to learn how to make Mozzarella Cheese, I have seen it done on the cooking channel and they make it look so easy. My first thought was I am sure I can find a class somewhere in the valley, so I searched Google. I was really surprised to find nothing listed. So my second thought was  You-tube, I am always amazed at what it on You-tube. Sure enough I found several step by step tutorials.
I found that I needed Whole Milk, or best Unpasteurized, vegetable rennet and citric acid tablets. I figured if any place would have all three it would be Whole Foods. To my surprise Whole Foods did not carry Unpasteurized Milk, now they have every variety of Milk and Milk type products but not Unpasteurized. They recommend I go to one of the local dairy farms. Because the recipes said Whole Milk will work just as well I went with it. I found my vegetable rennet and citric acid at Whole Foods as well.
I  was surprised how easy it was to do!
So of course I had to make my favorite dish with my very own home made cheese.
Yes, it was as good as it looks, I have tons of basil in my garden right now so I made a pesto and drizzled it on the tomatoes and cheese. Now I just wish I can grow decent tomatoes in Arizona!
This summer I turned 50, yes, 50!!!!
Boy, that was tough, however, my good friend Anna bought me a wonderful gift.
She enrolled us in a 12 week Floral arrangement class. Last night was our first class and let me tell you, I LOVE IT!!!
Here is a picture of my first arrangement.
I can't wait to see what we do next week!
I will be sure and post each week.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sneak Peek

So as I said in my last blog I decided to pull out a UFO that I started back in 2007.  I really have enjoyed getting back into it and I have a small peek at my progress.
I really do have to get better at my photography,  the colors in this picture are a bit dull. Anyway you get an idea of what it is going to look like.  I did buy the  the fabric for the stopper boarder and outside border but now I think I need something different for the stopper boarder. Quilts really do talk to you once you start putting them together.
I don't know about any of you but every year when the kids head back to school I get motivated to get things done.
I started back on my UFO's, my husband and I have started work in our backyard and I have gotten back into my Wellness business.
I never do just one thing at a time, have you noticed?
Tonight I am thrilled to be attending an open house with a Homeopathic Doctor in our area. Of course she shares the same passion as I do about removing all the dangerous toxins in our lives, our homes, and the environment.  She knows the importance of good vitamins and supplements and why it is so important to be helping our bodies fight the effect of our environment. It's not enough anymore to just buy foods that are organic and free of additives and preservatives. Yes, it is a start but not enough! There are chemicals in your dish washing detergent, laundry soap, toothpaste, skin care, shampoo, household cleaners. You are exposing yourselves, your children, your families and the environment every time you use these products.  Do you wonder why you walk down the hallways at school and see every door has a food allergy sign hanging on it or why more and more people are getting Autoimmune diseases and worse Cancer.
As you can see I am very passionate about this, it's easy for me to get off track and start sharing why this is so important. I would love to share more and I can't wait to tell you all about the open house.
Until then back to sewing.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wow, have I been gone that long???

I started to post this on my Facebook page but decided it really should be something to post on my blog. Oh yeah, I have a blog. Sorry I have been away too long. No excuses, just had my attention on other things, but I am back!
An average day in Mesa, AZ is bright, hot and sunny,  but today it is over cast and raining. Oh how I love a raining day! A perfect day to sew!

I spend most of my time sewing for other people, but today I  am sewing for my own pleasure. I took out a UFO I started back in 2007. ( oh stop with the gasps, 2007 wasn't that long ago!!!) For those of you who never heard the term UFO it means Unfinished Objects. To my delight I still love the fabric for this quilt as much today as I did back in 2007 when I purchased it.
As I took the blocks out of the box I had them stored in, I noticed how funky my seams and pressing were. My first thought was to rip them out and start over, but I heard my Mom's voice say "Frances don't you dear!!" So I put the seam ripper down and continued forward.
I am not sure when I became so anal about my seams and how I press but for those of you I have lectured over the years about slowing down, taking your time, accurate 1/4 inch seams and pressing, I will let you look at the first half of my quilt and yes I will even let you rib me about it.
I am excited to get this quilt complete, it is no longer going to be the quilt for my bed as originally planned but I am sure I will find a nice place for it in my home.
I did list this on my blog as one of my UFO's, it is called Remember When.
I will post my progress and pictures.
So I am going to turn the music back on and get back to my sewing!