Monday, December 31, 2012

Something simple like a pillowcase.

This past week I got the dreaded called that my dear friend who is fighting cancer was in the hospital. Her daughter in law warned me that she was not good and probably wouldn't recognize me. As hard as that was to hear I knew I had to go anyway. 
Before Diane got sick she was my partner in crime. There wasn't a quilt store to far for us to travel, when we couldn't drive to one we would get on the computer and look for fabric online. Diane would always tell people not only are we quilters we are also collectors of fabric and patterns. We had our favorite fabric lines that we hoarded and would make all kinds of plans for but never found that perfect pattern that would justify cutting into our beloved fabric. Mine is Roman Holiday and hers is Sunshine.
As I was getting ready to go to the hospital I thought of her love of Sunshine and sadly thought she will never get to make that special quilt with it.
I thought how can I bring a little Sunshine to Diane. So I quickly made a pillow case with fabric similar to Sunshine.
When I arrived to Diane's room the nurses were trying to wake her up. When she saw me she smiled. I held up her pillow case and told her she should only be laying her head on Sunshine.  The smile I got made me know she was well aware of the fabric I used and our friendship.
As I left the hospital that day an idea came to me. Something as simple as a pillow case can brighten up a dreary hospital room and put a smile on someone face who is sick.  My goal now is to get in touch with the two local cancer hospitals in the area and ask if they will allow pillow cases to be made and distributed to patients.
Once I get the okay I will be calling on my quilting friends for help, just think, something as simple as a pillow case can bring such joy.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Busy month of December!

The month is almost over, what a busy month it was!
Lots of sewing for customers.
 I made two of these quilts.
Several reversible totes, the teachers just love them!
These blocks are for a Christmas quilt I started for a gift. Sad to admit I didn't get it finished in time for Christmas, just have to quilt it and send it off. I will post a final picture when the quilting is done. I also made several pillow cases but forgot to take pictures of those.
Next was the baking!

We can't forget Amanda's birthday!

Of course there is also the decorating of the tree.
But the icing on the cake this holiday season was winning the annual Gingerbread house contest. Each year my sibling and I have a Gingerbread house contest. We have been doing it for 5 years now and my Dad has always been the judge. This year we finally won!
Hard to believe I still have any energy left after all the crazy!