Thursday, January 31, 2013

Juggling is my specialty!

I have often been told I have ADD, but I always laughed it off.
I just always told myself I am great at multi-tasking. Until today...
While I was waiting for the fabric glue to dry on the Valentines Day wreath
I was making I finished stuffing a decorative pillow for my daughter bed. Then moved on to a flower pop I am making for a friends granddaughter birthday.
While I was waiting for the spray paint to dry on the dowels  for the flower pops I decided to catch up on my favorite blogs.
And there it was, a great tutorial on a Scrappy Trip Around the World. I have always wanted to make one of those, I have the strips left over from another quilt project...........ssssssssssssooooooooooo
Here is my first block for my Scrappy Trip Around the World.
This was so fun to make and I fell in love with this fabric line all over again. I was able to make 4 blks today.
Here is a shot of the Flower Pops
1 down 11 to go!
Did I mention that my husband was home sick today, you know what that means. Yes, dear, just one minute dear. Okay dear I will get you a Kleenex dear.
To top off my day it was my daughter's open house to the Junior High School she will be attending next year.
So the next time someone suggest to me that I might be ADD, I think I will quietly agree!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mark your calenders!

I am so excited to announce that Scrapbooks Etc. in Mesa is hosting an open sew day for making Pillow Cases for Cancer Patients.
So please mark your calenders for Friday, February 15th. from 10am to 4pm.
When I came up with this idea to make Pillow Cases for Cancer Patients, I brought it to several of the quilt shops in the valley. Scrapbooks Etc. was the first to jump on board .
They are providing a great space for us to come out on the 15th and make Pillow Cases.  What more could I have asked for, oh wait there is more.......
Not only are they providing a great space, they are advertising this event as well. But wait, can you believe they are still doing more! They are giving all participants a 10% discount for any purchases made that day. Wow! Thanks
I have reached out to our wonderful local fabric and pattern designers and have asked them to come out on the 15th. The response has been overwhelming.
I am also pleased to announce that there will be some great door prizes that do too!
Many friends and family have said they would love to help but don't sew.
Well, come join us on the 15th, we will put your to work. You can help cut fabric, iron or just be a great cheer leader.
People have also asked if they can donate in other ways. I have had several generous people donate money to put towards fabric purchase.
Even if you can't make it on the 15th, you can still make pillow cases at home and drop them off.
I can't say Thank you enough to all the great people who have come forward to help me make this a reality.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pillow Cases for Cancer Patients

I have had such an out pour of support for Pillow Cases for Cancer Patients.
Yesterday I got a big bag of fabric from my good friend Anna. She went through her stash and donated beautiful fabric for pillow cases.
I have had total stranger who have seen post on my blog offer to make a pillow case or two.  Friends and family members who don't sew have offered to come help cut fabric or donate money.
I also have two quilt shops in the area who want to help promote my cause.
Scrapbooks ETC is a wonderful quilt store in Mesa and they are going to host a sew day just for making pillow cases. I will announce the day when we have finalized it.
Can you believe I have two local TV station that has heard about my Pillow Case for Cancer Patients drive and they are possibly going to do a story on it.
 Keep your fingers crossed!
I am overwhelmed at the response I have had and blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Took a break from making pillow cases.

Today is my nephew Will's birthday. He will be hanging out at our house today because his parents are working and there is no school.
I wanted to make him a special cake for his birthday and Amanda found a Sponge Bob cake on Pintrest.
Of course Sponge Bob for Will, perfect!
 I made this cake for my nephew Will for his birthday.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Pillow Case for Cancer Journey

My quest to bring as many pillow cases to cancer patients is coming along nicely.
I have spoke to two of the local quilt shops in the area and they have both agree to help me collect beautiful, cheerful, pillow cases.
This past weekend, Kristen and her sister Maile came over and went through my fabric stash. They put together and cut 19 pillow cases.
I even showed Maile how to make a pillow case, so the next time she
 comes over she is going to bring her machine and put her skills to the test.
Photo: Cut tons of fabric today for #pillowcasesforcancer with @maileleah  Check out
My goal for the first delivery is 100 pillow cases, if you sew or know anyone who does, please share my blog site and help bring a ray of sunshine to someone who is battling this horrible disease.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Calling all quilters!!!

Just got the call!
I wrote in my last post about an idea I had to honor my Mom and good friend Diane.
I lost my Mom 3 years ago to Cancer and my good friend Diane is fighting Cancer now.
I went to visit her last week and made a bright and cheery pillow case with some of her favorite fabric.  It really lifted her spirits and brought a huge smile to her face.
As I left the hospital I began to think about how something as simple as a pillow case lightened my friends day.  Not only did it lift her spirits but it also bought color to a very dreary hospital room.
I thought of my Mom and her love of fabric, art, flowers, and color.
I thought if I could do something to honor my Mom and Diane this would be it.
 So I called Mayo Hospital and shared my idea with them  and explained why I wanted to do this. 
 Today I received a call from the American Cancer Society, they handle all the
 non-monetary donations for Mayo. They loved my idea and told me they would help me get the pillow cases distributed.
Sad to say most of us have had a love one who has fought Cancer or have fought it personally.
With that said, I am calling on my family, friends and fellow quilters for help.
If you could in any way help me bring a smile to someone fighting this horrible disease with a pillow case, fabric donation or a monetary donation to buy fabric I would  deeply appreciate it.
I know my Mom would be the first person going through her fabric stash and making pillow cases.

This is for you Mom xoxoxo