Friday, April 8, 2011

Jumping for Joy !!!

Yes, I am jumping for joy, I finally got my website up and running.
I swear it has aged me !!!
I was with another web host and wasn't happy, so I went shopping for new web host and found a cute one.
They are called Cutest Site on the Block. They told me since I had worked with that other web host, (which I will not name but Daddy didn't like them. Ha Ha,) that I should be able to set this site up myself.
Well, I am glad they had the confidence in me..... but I am the creative brain, the one who loves color and fabric not the one who know all the computer tech stuff !!!!
So it took me many months and help from my sister Kathy and my friend Kristin but I am happy to say....drum roll please....
My site is up and running.
Please check it out and let me know what you think

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Old brain new trick and how do you finish your seams?

Okay, this may sound strange to most of you but not all quilters can sew other things besides a quilt.
Funny since I started quilting over 10 years ago, I have gotten all kinds of request. Can you hem my husbands work pants, can you alter clothes, can you fix my daughters swim suit, can you cover my patio furniture cushions. Well, no, no and no.
I hated Home Ec., I didn't like making a skirt and back when I was young my Mom tried to teach me to sew my own clothes. I had no interest. But when the quilting bug hit me, it was a whole other story.
So recently I found some cute fabric and thought this would be a cute skirt for my daughter Amanda. How hard can a skirt be, right? So I went to Jo Ann's and looked through the books and found one I thought would work well with the fabric. Friday I get this wild hare to make that skirt for Amanda. So I get out the pattern and go to work. As I am sewing I notice the fabric is fraying. Now I know my Mom didn't have a serger and I know she sewed lots of cloths for us kids growing up. Did she zig zag all those seams?????
What do you do when you are making clothes? Do you have to finish all seam? Can you just get away with pinking the seams?
Any way, here is how Amanda's skirt turn out. It was easy and I see myself making more in the future, but would love some advice on finishing the seams.