Thursday, February 18, 2010

Call me crazy !!!!

First, I wanted to Thank all my wonderful family and friends who came out last weekend to support me at my show. Love you all and I couldn't do it without you. Kristin, you are the best, and I am lucky to have you in my life.
So since my show my head has been spinning with ideas, I want to add more components to my Diaper Bags and I also want to design a new purse. I have it pictured  in my mind, now just have to get it from my head to the sewing machine.
So, call me crazy but I want to add even more embellishments, just look what I have been making.

I have been playing with fabric flowers, they are so fun to make. I have more ideas to try but have to finished my orders before I get sucked into another craft. I am also going to be adding a fun feature to my bags but I will share with you more in a month or so.

I have been having more fun browsing other blogs and have found  some great ones, take a few minutes and check out the ones I have added a link to.


  1. Always working, I think that's the mark of a wonderful Mother! I will say you are crazy and should take a minute to rest, but those new flowers are great! I've recently gotten hooked on fabric flowers and have had so much fun creating them. I started as a means to taming my scrap bin, it was overflowing with pieces of my favorite fabrics I just couldn't throw out & now I have a wonderful garden of fabric flowers to choose from. Great job & a wish for continued success!

  2. Thanks, I have so many more ideas for these flowers. Would love to see all of yours.

  3. You really an inspiration to me Fran. You have gone from 0 to 60 in a flash. I struggle with marketing in my business and seeing what you have accomplished in such a expediant manner is really exciting and keeps me focused on the future. Who knew after 30 years of not living down the street from you that you would re-enter my life and be so important an influence. Thanks Fran.

  4. Oh Sandy, that is so kind.
    We as business women need to lift each other up and keep inspiring each other.
    If you have a web site or blog I would be more than happy to post it on my blog.