Monday, April 19, 2010

Bella Totes.

Okay, I know I am slow posting these but life has been a bit crazy. (But Good !!)
I have decided to call my totes Bella Totes, they come in three sizes and many color variations.
I also have The Mommy and Me, which is matching totes for Mother and Daughter, they are usually different sizes.

The small size is about 10" deep by 12" wide.
It is picture below in the Brown, Pink, and Red fabric.
The medium is 14" deep by 16 " wide, and it is the Green, Blue and White one.
The large is 17" deep by about 22 inches wide, it is the Red, Peach and White one featured below.
The bags are very sturdy, and are reversible. The have padded straps for added comfort.
They have been know to carry a lot in them and have been used for many purposes.
My daughter uses hers as her school bag, I have used mine for grocery shopping, traveling, the gym ( yeah right) and the beach. They make great gifts and the teacher just love them.
The small size is $15, medium are $20, and the large are $25.
I have several made in a variety of colors but you can custom your favorite color choices as well.
You can order them by e-mailing me at

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