Saturday, September 7, 2013

Who needs cupcakes, just give me a bowl of this frosting!

Well it is no secret that I love to make cupcakes, I have played around with lots of different frostings and yesterday I found a new favorite.
I have the best chocolate cake recipe that I also use for my cupcakes.
and if asked I will share it but for now it's all about the frosting.
I am not sure where I found this frosting recipe, I like to give credit whenever I find something that turns out so good.  I follow so many great blogs, I am not sure which one I found this on because I copied it on a pink birthday envelope. I don't even have the proper name so I am just re-naming it the best fluffy frosting.
2 jars of Marshmallow Fluff
3 Sticks of Butter
1 cup powder sugar
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
Whip Marshmallow Fluff  until it is nice and creamy, add soften butter 1 tablespoon at a time, mix until nice and fluffy.
Add one cup powder sugar and Vanilla.
That's it, so simple! The hardest part is getting the Fluff out of the jars, I immersed them in hot water for a few minutes and that seemed to help.

You can add food coloring and even another flavor extract.
I feel it is my duty to warn you, this frosting is so yummy you could skip the cupcake and eat it right out of the mixing bowl! 


  1. 3 sticks of butter, that is a lot of butter. But sound very yummy.

  2. I think I'll skip the cupcake and just eat the frosting! Thx for sharing what looks like the frosting of my dreams! lol

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