Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Succulent Lover

So it's no secret I love to garden. I love having fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables.
It's also no secret I love Pinetrest......
I think Pinetrest is the greatest thing out there, it gives so many wonderful recipes and ideas.  I swear it's crack for crafters!

My friend Kathy started posting Succulent gardens, at first I didn't see the excitement. They are just plants, no flowers or fruit right???  Well then she started showing me the cool containers people were posting on Pinetrest. Now this really peaked my creative juices. Old things re-purposed into Succulent planters, now that's cool!
Soon I was pinning Succulents on Pinetrest and my love and passion bloomed, I couldn't get enough. 
My friends started bringing me plants, and I started looking at things I could                    re-purpose into succulent pots.

This copper container was a old hanging wall clock that no longer worked, so it became home to these beauties.

This container Amanda picked out at Hobby Lobby.
 This is galvanized tub I poked some holes in the bottom and turned into a planter.
  This is Wally's old wooden tool box.

This is an old metal ladle Kathy found when we were up in PIne for our quilt retreat. It was an ugly brown and orange color and I painted it with Anne Sloan paint for it's beautiful transformation.
 This is a perfect area on my patio for all my planters. It gets just a little of the morning sun and they are happy here. 
The only problem now it I want more!!!!

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