Monday, January 25, 2010

New Tote

Well, I finally got my new tote finished and ready to post. 
These totes are amazing, they are great for going green, traveling, the beach, as well as the gym. My daughter has used her bag instead of a backpack for the last two years. It is easier on her back to carry this tote and she gets lots of compliments, she loves it because I let her pick her own fabric each year. 
This tote can be made in several different sizes and many different color variations. 
The tote is reversible so you can have two bags in one. They are extremely sturdy and have double reinforce bottom seams, which allows you to carry quite a bit of weight. The handles are padded for added comfort.
I have made two sizes, a larger one and a matching smaller one. They are a great Mommy and Me tote set or they can be purchased separately.
The larger tote is $30 and measure 22 inches across and 18 inches deep. The mini is $15 and measures 12 inches across by 10 inches deep. Purchase them as a set for $40.
I can make any color combo, just let me know your favorite colors. The smaller tote is on the top, my  pictures don't really show the difference is size. Maybe I can get my daughter to hold them for a picture in my next post.


  1. love the bag Fran! great color choice...


  2. Fran made two for my daughter and she uses it for everything! The best usage is for sleepovers......everything fits!