Sunday, January 15, 2012

My bed quilt.

Several months ago I finished a quilt for my bed, well kinda finished it.
It just needed the binding. ( like several quilts in my house)
So last night I started sewing the binding on. As I sewed I fell in love with the fabric all over again. Today I am going to make some pillow cases, pillow shams and maybe some throw pillows too!
Now my husband is a hard working, get down and dirty type of macho man, the last quilt I made for our bed made with him in mind. They were darker colors and not very feminine at all.
This quilt ladies....... is all about me!
It is a very simple quilt made with a layer cake and a couple of borders, the fabric is Martinique by Moda. The colors are just soft and yummy.
When I get it finished I will post some pictures.

So my question to you is......... Is you quilt on your bed designed with your husband in mind, or is it all you??????


  1. The quilt on my bed is a Twisted Bargello, so a very bold, sort of "masculine" design, but it is a design that I just love. It is done in some of my favorite colors - beautiful rich reds, golds & black - and I just kept the "flowery" fabrics to a minimum. So it is something we both love!

  2. Teresa, you Twisted Bargello sound pretty, I would love to see a picture of it.