Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Schools out !!!

Yesterday we had the cousins over for a day of crafts and girly girl stuff.

We started off with making scrapbook pages.

Gabrielle hard at work.

Gabrielle's finished scrapbook page.


Aundrea's finished scrapbook page.

 Our next activity was painting our nails. Where was the camera??? Oh yeah my nails were wet.
If you look closely at our next group of pictures you will see our stunning nails.

Our final activity of the day was making cake pops.
Here is a picture of our first attempt.
Well, they didn't turn our quite like we planned so we call in the expert.
Cousin Sheree came to the rescue and showed us how they really are made.

Hard at work.

Now those are some good looking cake pops.

A good day was had by all.

I am still cleaning chocolate and sprinkles up, but well worth it. We really had a fun day!!

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