Friday, September 7, 2012

Wow, have I been gone that long???

I started to post this on my Facebook page but decided it really should be something to post on my blog. Oh yeah, I have a blog. Sorry I have been away too long. No excuses, just had my attention on other things, but I am back!
An average day in Mesa, AZ is bright, hot and sunny,  but today it is over cast and raining. Oh how I love a raining day! A perfect day to sew!

I spend most of my time sewing for other people, but today I  am sewing for my own pleasure. I took out a UFO I started back in 2007. ( oh stop with the gasps, 2007 wasn't that long ago!!!) For those of you who never heard the term UFO it means Unfinished Objects. To my delight I still love the fabric for this quilt as much today as I did back in 2007 when I purchased it.
As I took the blocks out of the box I had them stored in, I noticed how funky my seams and pressing were. My first thought was to rip them out and start over, but I heard my Mom's voice say "Frances don't you dear!!" So I put the seam ripper down and continued forward.
I am not sure when I became so anal about my seams and how I press but for those of you I have lectured over the years about slowing down, taking your time, accurate 1/4 inch seams and pressing, I will let you look at the first half of my quilt and yes I will even let you rib me about it.
I am excited to get this quilt complete, it is no longer going to be the quilt for my bed as originally planned but I am sure I will find a nice place for it in my home.
I did list this on my blog as one of my UFO's, it is called Remember When.
I will post my progress and pictures.
So I am going to turn the music back on and get back to my sewing!

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  1. It is great to see ya again!! I have been missing in action myself..I have switched mediums for a little while. I am art journaling right now! Love it!! But, right now I am piecing my Blogger's BOM. I am almost done with the blocks. The i need to figure out what I am going to do with it!! Good job an finishing a UFO!!! Hugs