Thursday, August 15, 2013


Yes, I have been MIA from my blog!
Every time I have thought about posting a blog I think to myself I don't really have anything that interesting to say. Okay, so some of you are thinking when has that ever stopped me before!
Lets see, I finished the dreaded tie quilt. I really didn't enjoy this project so I didn't take any final pictures. I did post one on Instagram.
I have been obsessed with Instagram lately, you can check out all my pictures there. Follow me at Sewbella50
We sent Amanda off to Jr High, can you believe it, Jr High already..... where did all that time go?
 I am also going back to work a few days a week, I will be back at A Quilters Oasis. That's right back where my obsession for quilting and fabric first started.
I will also be teaching some classes there in a few months, I will be sure to post those classes.
Where did our summer go?

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