Sunday, May 2, 2010

Big shout out to Kate Spain !!!

Before I tell you why I am doing a big shout out to Kate Spain I need to start my story from the beginning.
I started a business back in Sept. of 09, not sure if it was something that was going to take off, so I didn't want to invest a lot of money. A friend talked me into starting a Facebook page for my business, she convinced me that it was free and what would it hurt.
She was right, it was free and easy and a great way to get my product out there.
After several months and quite a few buyers of my One of a Kind Purses, I was told I needed a website. Again, not wanting to spend a lot of money another friend talked me into doing it myself with Go Daddy. Oh sure I cando that, they told me it was sooooo easy. After a week of doing nothing but sitting at the kitchen table trying to set up my web page( worst week ever!) I finally got a web site up and running.
Several months go by and I was doing a boutique with my Purses, I got to talking with the other vendors and they told me I needed to be blogging.
Soooo, here we go again, days trying to set up a cute blog and trying to figure out what goes where and which HTML to cut and paste in which gadget, I started blogging.
My friend told me to start checking out other blogs, see what other ladies are doing and blogging about and to start networking with other bloggers.
Okay, I can do this, there are thousand of us out there doing the same thing right? It shouldn't be that hard, right?
I found lots of my favorite fabric designers and other very talented women and their great blogs, so I started following them. This is where my shout out finally comes into play.
I wrote notes to several of the bloggers, telling them I love their blog, love their work, love their fabric, I even ask advice and questions to these ladies. Can I say not one of them ever responded to my notes or questions. Until Kate !!!!!! I had followed her blog and of course love her fabrics and designs. Last week I was reading her blog where her parents are in New York and are passing a Crate and Barrel, and right there in the front window are plates with Kate's designs. I sent her a note saying Congrats and that I loved Crate and Barrel before but love them even better now that they have Kate Spain. Do you know she sent me a note the same day Thanking me for my note !!!!!!  I could not believe it, I called my husband into the computer room and told him, she replied, she replied. I also told him to be for warned that when Fandango comes out I buying it all.
I hope I haven't bored you with my long story, but I wanted to let other ladies who have  reach out and maybe have been ignored, that there are really nice, thoughtful people out there, and it is so nice a refreshing when someone takes a moment to acknowledge you.
Kate, Thank You !!!!!  You are not only talented and an inspiration to others but you are kind and thoughtful !!!


  1. Perhaps something wasn,t quite right and bloggers couldn,t comment , this does happen. I hope you have it sorted now--cottonreel

  2. I came back for another look. this time I looked at the photo,s , so nice , beautiful children . and you ? so pretty power to your elbow in all you do---cottonreel