Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I have to say, I had one of the best Mother's Day ever !!!!
I wasn't looking forward to this Mother's Day, it was going to be the first Mother's Day without my Mom. The week prior to Mother's Day I was sad and dreading the day.
However, my amazing family came through once again and gave me the best Mother's Day ever.
It started with my wonderful husband bringing me these gorgeous roses on Saturday.
Then on Sunday morning Jon arrived early and they made my favorite breakfast, blueberry pancakes. They made me stay in bed, and served me on a beautiful tray Amanda decorated.
Next they gave me my gifts, Amanda made two beautiful cards in her scrapbook class and another on in her class at school. They were all very cute.
Then Jon and Amanda gave me a disk of pictures that were taking a few weeks ago by a photographer friend of Jon's.

These are just two of the many great shots taken of my beautiful kids.
After breakfast we took a drive to Barnes and Noble where we got some Starbucks and looked at books and magazines.  The three of us found books we liked.
Then if that wasn't enough, my Dad came over and we ordered Pizza from my new favorite pizza place.
What a great day I had, Thanks to my wonderful family.

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  1. I'm so glad that you liked the photos. We had a good time. The bottom one of them sitting in the grass is my favorite of all of them. Thank you for featuring me. Happy Mother's Day. (late)