Saturday, March 2, 2013

Are you a fabric hoarder?

Silly question!
 Most quilters I know hoard fabric, but I'm talking about  that one special line, that one you just couldn't get enough of. You know the one you bought yards, Jelly Rolls and Charm packs.
Well, mine is Roman Holiday by Moda. I fell in love with this line and just kept buying it. I have several yards of several different prints, 2 Jelly Rolls and 5 Charm Pack.  I having been buying up patterns over the years to use my beloved stash and nothing was ever good enough.
With the recent passing of my quilting buddy and fellow fabric hoarder, I have been doing a lot of sewing, I guess it has been my therapy. I also have been thinking what am I saving this for? Who knows what tomorrow will bring, right?
So yesterday I took out my Roman Holiday and picked a pattern. I spent most of the day cutting up my fabric obsession. Guess what? It felt great.
So I encourage you to go to your stash, get your fabric you have been hoarding, and getting cutting.
What fabric have you been hoarding?


  1. I am a fabric hoarder! I can never throw any scraps away! Always saving them for a rainy day!

  2. Jenna, I took 6 bags of scraps to a group of ladies who makes quilts for charity. it was quite liberating.