Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Friday already??

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you seemed so busy but don't have a lot to show for it?
Well this was one of those weeks, it's Friday already, when did that happen?
Here are a few of those things that have kept me busy.
As I posted a couple of weeks ago, we had a sew day to make pillow cases for cancer patients. I have not brought the pillow cases to the American Cancer Society because a very generous quilt group has made pillow cases but they are having a quilt show and asked if they could keep them until after the show. So I am waiting for those pillow cases before I make my delivery. So this week I decided to check over the cases to make sure there were no threads (yes, I am anal about threads). So I check all hundred of them and folded them pretty.
I also made more headband for my sister to take to her work, she brought one in the other day and the girls went crazy.
Yesterday I made 2 dozen cupcakes to take to my son's girlfriends work. It was her birthday and we decided to surprise her.
I was running late and forgot to take a picture of the final cupcake, but here you see the chocolate cupcake with the surprise cherry center. There was a chocolate ganache frosting. I call them my Cherry Bomb cupcake.
But what has taken the most time this week are the lovely flying geese I am making with my beloved Roman Holiday.
I have been told.... that I have Adult ADD, what?? me?? Ohh look at that pretty bird, what's for lunch I am starved, why did I walk into this room???
Okay maybe there is some truth to that! Anyway, I do get bored when I have repetitive steps to do in a quilt. Thank goodness I love Roman Holiday soooo much, it keeps me going.
Here is a shot of the flying geese for this quilt, and that's only half of them!

I love this fabric so much, even the garbage can looks good!
Okay back to the geese!


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