Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another Pinterest Inspiration.

So lately I have been getting my sewing inspiration from Pinterest.
My Dresden pillows, the Double Dresden that I will show you shortly, my Scrappy Trip Around the World, the baby project I am currently working on and this beauty!
I saw a few Grannie Square blocks on Pinterest and fell in love with the block.
Every year I try and make my son's Grandmother a Christmas gift using this line of fabric.  In my head I figured all of her Christmas decorations would coordinate. I think I have finally used up all this fabric that I had in my stash!
Here is a look at the back, I think you can see the quilting better.

And a close up of the front.

You are probably wondering why I am just showing you this now in April???
Long story short, my son usually goes to Chicago the day after Christmas to celebrate with his Father's family. I was planning on him taking it to his Nanie then. His plans changed and he couldn't make the trip this year so I was going to ship it to her. She told me they were planning on leaving the day after Christmas to spend several months in her Winter home in Florida.
So it is finally making it's way to Nanie's.


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