Thursday, April 25, 2013

Garden Update.

I have been crazy busy lately!
 My husband had his 4th 50th birthday last week and I had two different dinners for him.
My daughter was off to Sea World for her 6th grade trip. Oh what fun she had.
I have had no time in the sewing room other than to make 12 cloth napkins.
We have also been very busy with our garden. It will be no time until we are harvesting all of our wonderful goodies.
Our first little head of cabbage is forming in the middle, so cute!
Look at all those Cherry Tomatoes, and that's just one of many plants.
It's had to see in this picture but there are several white flowers on our pepper plants, won't be long before we will have lots of peppers.
This is one of 6 zucchini plants, boy are we going to have lots of zucchini!

So many beautiful variations of Sunflowers!

There is nothing better than creating a garden, this was something I wanted for years but I have to say I not sure who is getting more enjoyment out of it, me or my husband.


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