Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Acts of Kindness

Wow, the nicest thing was done for me and I need to share it with all of you.
Before my Mom died she bought a beautiful new sewing machine, it was the Bernina 440 Quilters Addition.  After she died her machine sat for about a year before I could even think about touching it. I know my Mom  wanting me to use it but I just wasn't ready.
So finally my Dad gave me the push I needed to start using it. I took it to the closest Bernina store and got it serviced. Even thought I have been quilting and sewing for years I had been using a Baby Loc and didn't know much about Bernina's. I asked them how much it would cost to take a class on this machine and was told there are several and each one is $50.
Months later my good friend Anna and I went to the Bernina Connection in Phoenix. We both really liked this shop and been to it several times. This day Anna was making a purchase and said to me, you should take your classes here. This got the attention of the women at the register and she asked what class was I looking to take.
I didn't want to go into the whole story so I just told her I inherited a 44o and I need to take the Basic Operation class. She asked if my Mom purchased her machine at their shop, because if she did they would honor her benefits and give me the classes for free. When I explained she didn't they said I should contact the store she purchased it at and ask them if I can take the classes there free of charge.
I explained to the lady that I didn't care for that shop and found they lacked in customer service.
She then said how lucky I was to have inherited that machine. At that point my friend explain that it was very sad to me to have that machine and that it belonged to my Mom who I recently lost to Breast Cancer. The women was very kind and said she understood how hard it must be.
Anna and I let the shop and headed for lunch. Within 15 minutes Anna's cell phone rang and the women on the other end explain she was from the Bernina store we just let and she had shared my story with the own Val Spanks and Val would like to speak to your friend.  When I got on the phone Val first said how she was sorry about my Mom and that she has lost her Mom not that long ago and she knows what I was going through. She said her store would like to adopt me and my machine and give me the classes for free.
I really couldn't believe what I was hearing. They  tracked us down through Anna's name in the register, found her number and called us.
I attended my first class yesterday and couldn't believe how kind everyone was.
There still is goodness in this world !!!
So I want to tell you all to check out this great shop, The Bernina Connection, 4219 E. Indian School Rd. Suite 103 , Phoenix AZ 85018.  602-553-8350  http://www.berninaconnection.com/
Thanks again Val for you generous act of kindness.


  1. What a sweet story! It brought tears to my eyes. Adopting you and your machine is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry about your mother. Welcome to Bernina World.

  2. I have been going to the Bernina Connection in Phoenix since I moved here in 2007. They are the best people in the world from the owners, Val Sparks and Diane Ebner, right through all of the staff. They have some of the best teachers I have ever encountered. I am sure you will enjoy all of he classes immensely and learn a lot.

  3. Wow, that is the most touching story--filled my eyes with tears. God bless them and you!