Monday, March 7, 2011

What is your toothpaste doing for your overall health?

Oral health is such an important part of our overall health and largely overlooked.
80% of all Americans suffer from some form of periodontal disease (gum disease).
If you have periodontal disease, you have increased your risk of getting heart disease by 25%. Good oral hygiene is necessary not just for healthy teeth and gums, but also for the health of your entire body.

A lot of science went into the development of our toothpaste. Our toothpaste is truly unique because of the natural ingredients we use to kill the bacteria, strengthen the enamel, promote healthy gums and whiten teeth. If you look at the ingredients in store brands such as Crest or Colgate, you will see a lot of ingredients including sodium lauryl sulfate and FD&C Blue Dye and other artificial colors, flavors and ingredients. Our tooth polish is just $3.89 compare to brands like Sensodine which sells for $5.49.
Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients our  uses:

1. Tea Tree Oil – kills the bacteria and bad breath. If you are prone to Canker Sores, Tea Tree oil helps heal them fast and most time prevents them from occurring all together.

2. Propolis – honey bees collect this from tree sap and use it to plug up holes in beehives to prevent disease and inhibit bacterial growth. It is a natural antimicrobial with antibiotic and anti fungal properties.

3. Myrrh – comes from the dried gum resin of certain trees and is a natural antiseptic for the prevention and treatment of gum disease

4. Xylitol – safe, natural sweetener that also helps reduce plaque buildup and prevents tooth decay

5. Papain – enzyme found in papayas that breaks down stains and whitens teeth naturally


  1. Don't know if I'm just missing a link, but where do you sell this toothpaste? I checked your shop, but only found sewing related stuff. Two of my sons really suffer from canker sores; they are both grown and haven't outgrown the flare ups. Any info you can send me?

  2. All natural toothpaste merely seems more expensive. Although you would pay more for a container, it will more highly concentrated than other toothpaste you've ever used, hence it would last longer.