Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shopped my own stash !!!

This weekend my friend Diane and I had our own shop hop. (another Thelma and Louis adventure!)
Okay, I am going to say this because I know my husband doesn't read my blog.... We were so excited to get out and away from our families for the day. We were going to do one of our very favorite things, shop for fabric !!!!!
We travel all over the far east valley and hit 5 different quilt shops. We laughed, stopped and had lunch, shopped some more, got turned around and drove in circles but had a blast.
There was only one thing missing in our great day, we didn't make any fabric purchases ???
What !!!! no purchase !!!! ( Didn't even have to tell a little white lie, No honey I didn't buy anymore fabric.)
We were sad to say there was nothing new that we said" we just have to have it !"
We either already had it or it just didn't move us. We were very disappointed and believe it or not sad.
So the next day we got together to have a sew day. The most amazing things happened !
I started pulling fabric from my stash, I would hold up one group and say, "Remember how excited we were when we both this!" Then I would pull another group out and say, "Oh yeah and remember this great line". Well I won't mention how many groupings I pulled out to prove a point but then it dawned on me. I loved this grouping so much back when, I had to buy it all. So why not get excited again about the beautiful fabric and actually make something out of it! Duh !!!
So I am making my 10 year old daughter, Amanda, the cutest quilt from Sanctuary. A oldie but goodie.
Sorry for the poor quality of this picture, it just doesn't do the fabric justice.
Be sure to check back to see the finished product.
A ladies, you know who you are, I bet if you shop your stash we will fall in love all over again.

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  1. hahaha!!! I know the feeling!!
    good for you to shop in your stash!!