Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shocked and sad !!!

So I heard there was a new quilt store in my town, oh boy so exited, can't wait to go !!!!!
It was in a beautiful log cabin style building in the oddest part of town, but when I walked in it was like wonderland.
It was so cute, and cheery and the most beautiful fabric that I haven't seen in other shops. I really thought I found my little piece of heaven. That was of course until I picked up a bolt of fabric and the price was $11.25 a yard. I thought no that can't be right, this must just be a special bolt. So I tried to wipe the look of shock off my face and walked around some more. Found another must have piece and when I picked that bolt up it was $12.05 a yard. What !!!!!!!
Now I know people in other parts of the world have had to deal with high price quilt fabric but not here !!!!!  They come here to buy our fabric....
I had heard the price of cotton was up and with all the gas  and everything else going up but $12.05 a yard....
Such a sad day for me.  I guess I will truly shop my own stash for a while.

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  1. Pity the new shop owner who has to sell her goods at those prices! Be kind to her - the price is not coming down any time soon.