Monday, March 21, 2011

So proud.

I am so proud of my daughter that I just had to share it.
My 10 year old daughter Amanda asked if she could go to Boulder Co. this summer to visit my sister Barb. I told her it would depend on Barb's schedule and how much it would cost to buy a plane ticket.
So she called her Aunt Barb and asked if she could come during the summer for a visit.
Of course her Aunt said yes !!!
So than she asked me what a plane ticket would cost. I said we could probably find a deal but because she would be flying unaccompanied it would cost more.
After a few minutes of silence, she announced she was going to make the money herself for the plane ticket. She came up with a plan and asked if I could start a blog for her.
She said she was going to sell bookmarks to pay for her trip.
She was going to call it Bookmarks for Boulder.
So I got busy and designed a blog page for her and the orders started rolling in.
Since yesterday afternoon she has gotten 11 orders.
Check out her blog.

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