Friday, March 30, 2012

Bonnet Oh Bonnet!

My daughter, Amanda, asked me if I could make her a bonnet for Frontier Day they were having at her school.  For once it wasn't the night before and it was also something I thought would be quick and fairly easy to make.
Instead of buying a pattern I would probably only use once I decided I would Google free bonnet patterns, to my surprise there were several free patterns.  After looking through them, I picked the one I thought would be the fastest to make. The women who shared the pattern said the instructions were for a small bonnet. Knowing my daughter has a big head I added several inches to the pattern. Once I got started I realized how easy this pattern was and agreed to make one more for Amanda's BFF, Abbie. Abbie's I made a few inches smaller than Amanda's because I knew she had a smaller head.
Happy with days accomplishments, I took the bonnets to school to give to the girls. They were so happy to have matching bonnets they put them on right away. Well to say the least, they were huge!!!  I decided the smaller one would work for Amanda and I would make Abbie another one. So what started out a a quick bonnet project ended up being a 3 bonnet project.
I also made Amanda a quick skirt and apron to go with her bonnet.
Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

Now, can I get back to quilting.....please!

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  1. Fran...she looks so cute!!! You did an awesome job MOM!! ANd , may go back to quilting :):) Hugs