Thursday, March 15, 2012

UFO's no more!

As I mentioned in my last post, I joined Sandra and her linky party to help keep each other motivated and complete UFO's.
Here are just two of the many UFO's I will be working on.

This first one is for my daughter Amanda.
It is a strip quilt made with a Jelly Roll.

I just have a few more strips to add and then I will use the purple as a stopper border and binding and the Paisley as a outer border.
I really need to finish this, my daughter keeps asking when will it be done???

The second one I would like to finish is a BOM I started maybe 4 years ago.
The sad part about this one is that the blocks are all complete, all I have left to do is the sashing and border.
This Block of the Month I did with my Mom, she passed away two years ago from Breast Cancer, so this was put away because it was too painful to work on. But if you knew my Mom, you will understand when I say, she is in my ear telling me to get this darn thing done already!!!

I have added a link to Sandra's UFO project on my blog, please feel free to join us and get some of your UFO's completed.


  1. Lovely quilt for your daughter. And what a special quilt you will be making with those gorgeous blocks...a memory quilt for sure!

  2. Love the color combo in your daughters quilt!!! And those blocks are going to make a stunning quilt. You can do it Sweets!!! Work on them a wee bit each day!! Thats what I am doing!! Hugs

  3. No wonder you daughter keeps asking for that quilt, it's really pretty. I like the way purple looks with it. The BOM looks like it is a fun one to make. Thanks for following me. I'm happy to be following you too.