Saturday, March 17, 2012

Foo Foo Pillows!

I have finally finished the decorative pillows to match my new bed quilt.

Every now and than I get obsessed with a fabric line. Okay maybe a little more than now and then.....
Martinique is one of those lines, I just love the colors, flowers, and paisleys  in this line. When I bought it I knew it was going to find a new home on our bed.
 The funny thing about quilting is you usually cut up the fabric into smaller blocks and lose a lot of the fabric design. I knew with this line I wanted to see larger sections of the fabric so I made our quilt with 10 squares of each piece in this line.
I had lots of fun making pillow cases, pillow shams and decorative pillows. Foo Foo pillows and my husband would say. He still doesn't understand the idea of, they are to look at, not to actually use!

I have had a hard time finding a bed skirt to match, I would just make one but unfortunately I didn't buy enough of this fabric and it is no long available.  I will find something that will work, when I do I will post it.

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