Saturday, March 24, 2012

Okay, it's out there now!

I did it, I put it all out there.

I finally went into my sewing room and took a inventory of all the projects I started and put away before I finished. In the quilting world they are know as UFO, unfinished objects.
When I first started quilting I would complete a project before starting another one, but here is where the excuse comes in. When I started to work at our local quilt store, every time and new and exciting line of fabric came in I would have to buy it and start making something with it while the excitement was still fresh.
That is how I came to have so many UFO's, that's my story and I am sticking to it!
Now, those are just a list of projects I actually started, by no means are those the number of patterns, books, fabric collection I bought to make a project. That's a whole other list!
I brought my husband over to a friends house who just got a new fancy longarm machine. He saw her fancy room and all of her fabric, books, patterns and quilting supplies. When we got into the car he said to me "Wow, she must have a $1000 worth of stuff in that room." I said to him "Well she might but she has been buying over time."  He said, "You don't have that much...You have proably around $200 right?" With that I said, Yup! and changed the subject very fast.
Sometimes it is best to keep them in the dark, after all a happy wife is a happy life.....right!

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  1. LOL....LOL.....giggle....hehe....That is to funny..."yeah, Honey just a few hundred dollars" :):):):):):) Boy , oh boy..if they only knew :):) Congrats on the list...I am so freaking over whelmed with all the projects I have started...I made a list and I am sticking to it until I am done...sigh...then I make another list. It wil take 3 lists maybe 4 to get through my UFO's. Hugs