Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A few of the projects I have been working on.

As promised here are a few on the many projects I have been working on.
The first is a decorative pillows.  Just a quick back story, I made a new quilt for our bed, the last one we had I made with my husband in mind. It was darker colors and not feminine at all. This new quilt is all me, florals, soft colors and just down right pretty. I explained to my husband that I am making decorative pillow that are just for looks, not to ever rest you head on! I will let you know how that works out.
I saw this cute pillow on Pintrest, it was posted by
I thought it was very cute and would be easy to make with the new Bernina Ruffler foot I have been experimenting with.

Here is a picture of the original one from Pintrest.

Here is my version of this pillow.
It looks really nice with the other pillows I have made, just waiting to finish two more and I will post a picture of all of them, including the quilt.

Next is a cute shirt I made for Amanda. I saw this made at Scrapbooks ETC and knew Amanda would just love it.
First picture is a plain white tee from Old Navy.

Here is the after picture, I embellished the tee with a cute ruffle fabric.

As you can see, she loves it!

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  1. Love the pillow..and the shirt is just to daughter would like that shirt too!! Hugs...see ya in the morning!!