Friday, January 4, 2013

Calling all quilters!!!

Just got the call!
I wrote in my last post about an idea I had to honor my Mom and good friend Diane.
I lost my Mom 3 years ago to Cancer and my good friend Diane is fighting Cancer now.
I went to visit her last week and made a bright and cheery pillow case with some of her favorite fabric.  It really lifted her spirits and brought a huge smile to her face.
As I left the hospital I began to think about how something as simple as a pillow case lightened my friends day.  Not only did it lift her spirits but it also bought color to a very dreary hospital room.
I thought of my Mom and her love of fabric, art, flowers, and color.
I thought if I could do something to honor my Mom and Diane this would be it.
 So I called Mayo Hospital and shared my idea with them  and explained why I wanted to do this. 
 Today I received a call from the American Cancer Society, they handle all the
 non-monetary donations for Mayo. They loved my idea and told me they would help me get the pillow cases distributed.
Sad to say most of us have had a love one who has fought Cancer or have fought it personally.
With that said, I am calling on my family, friends and fellow quilters for help.
If you could in any way help me bring a smile to someone fighting this horrible disease with a pillow case, fabric donation or a monetary donation to buy fabric I would  deeply appreciate it.
I know my Mom would be the first person going through her fabric stash and making pillow cases.

This is for you Mom xoxoxo


  1. Hey, Fran....I would be happy to make a pillow case or two :):) Let me know!!! Maybe we can have a pillow case sew-in?? just a thought.

  2. Thanks Sandra that would be great. I am going to ask Bernina and maybe a few other quilt shops to see if we can do a pillow case event.