Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Purse

This is one of those projects that I start about a month ago and  almost finished it but them didn't like the straps, so it sat until I got inspired again.
When I first saw this purse I loved the look of the Burlap. The original pattern by Kenzie Mac called for the straps to be Burlap as well. Very cute in theory but when I sewed the straps they felt so scratchy I knew they would drive me crazy so I decided to make the straps fabric instead.
Now this is where my anal retentive personality kicked in. I could not decided what fabric I liked for the straps. I absolutely love the line of fabric I made the purse with. It's PB&J by Basic Grey. The whole line is wonderful. The baby quilt I posted recently was also made from this line.
The problem was I kept laying different prints from the line next to the Burlap and I just was not feeling it. So my poor purse laid in my sewing room for weeks unfinished.
Last week I was out to lunch with my friend Sherry and we stopped at the Quilt store. Now Sherry doesn't sew, I know right!!!! But I love her anyway.....
I told her the dilemma I was having regarding the strap and showed her the line of fabric I was working with. Well, she helped me picked the fabric out. It's helps to have a neutral eye sometimes.
This pattern is called Elite Tote and has the option of three different sizes, I went with the medium size. The original pattern had two straps side by side but I changed it to one longer strap so it would hang better off my shoulder.
Of course I had to add a little bling and flowers to the purse because that's just how I roll.


  1. I love u 2 Fran! We need another noodle day b4 school is out:)


  2. Love your purse! Great job! Fran, really? 10 ufos? I wish I had only that many!