Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A gift for a good friend.

I have been wanting to share this quilt with you for a while now, but it was a gift for a very good friend and I know she reads my blog so I couldn't post anything until she received it.
I have been having some fun with  Dresden's lately and a while back I saw a similar Dresden quilt on Pinterest.
A year ago my friend Nancy was in town for my son's graduation, she always loves going into my sewing room to see what my latest projects are. She was telling me  that she had recently changed the colors in her living room and was pointed out the new colors in a fabric collection I had in my stash.
After she left I pulled those fabric and put the aside, I decided I would make her something with that fabric for her house.
Time had passed and I kept looking at those fabrics, I went through my patterns and books but nothing really talked to me. I know for some of you that may sound strange, but for the rest of you , you know our fabric talks to us!
So one night in my menopausal 3am in the morning, wide awake, get out of bed and get on the computer time, I found a quilt on Pinterest that called to me. I knew I had found my quilt for those fabrics Nancy picked out several months ago.
As soon as I started making the different Dresden's I fell in love with the pattern.
The next part that I pondered over was the quilting. There was a lot of negative space and I wasn't quite sure what to do.  So it sat on my design wall for a month while I doodled in a sketch book.
It was calling for feathers but it had been a while since I had quilted feathers and I was having a mental block while trying to sketch them. Boy those were some funny looking feathers. I decided I was just going to put the quilt on the machine and start quilting. I convinced myself that it wasn't going to be hanging in a show or judged by expert quilters. Once I relaxed I actually started to get into my design.
I was very happy with the outcome and almost sad to see it go.
My fathers has been bugging me to make a quilt for a friend of his. He gave my Mom a box of silk ties several years back and asked if she could make something with them. I think this pattern will be great with those silk ties.
I apologize for the poor quality of my pictures, I had to use my cell phone to take the pictures and they just don't show the detail. 

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