Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sharing some great stories.

Just wanted to share a few stories about these amazing products I referred to in my previous post.

Red Nail Polish !!! So one of my referrals called me and said his girlfriend spilled red nail polish on his brand new carpet. He said he called two carpet cleaning companies and they both laughed at him and told him there was nothing they could do. He called me and asked if any of the natural products could remove his nail polish. I told him to used one of the products full strength and blot it with a towel. Well, guess what????? It came out.

Another friend I referred to this amazing wellness company had been suffering with Fibroymialga for several years. She was an in home nurse and was not longer able to do her job because of her disease. I sent her an amazing tape of a women who had several Auto Immune Diseases including Fibryo, and was using several of the vitamins and supplements from this company and her life had changed drastically.
My friend ordered these vitamins and supplements and started feeling better within days.

I love sharing this company and the benefits to everyone I know, it has truly changed their lives. I have at least 5 people tell me that their HE front end loading washing machine always left their cloths and towel smelling musty. Since switching to this companies laundry detergent the smell is gone. Not only is the smell gone, this product is more efficient, super concentrated and saved them money.

Would love to share all my stories, maybe I will.

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