Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Positive Feedback

I am pleasantly surprised at all the positive feedback I have received since I started posting about safer, healthier lifestyle.
It is sad that major companies lure us in with fancy packages, advertising and coupons but mask the fact that they are using dangerous chemicals in their products.
The new J&J commerical talks about other companies not showing you what is really in their products as their camera pans across natural ingredients. Then they show a women cleaning her window with Windex and a little girl running up to the window. Do you know what is in Windex, Ammonia to name just one toxic ingredient. They also have formaldehyde in their baby products, it is used as a preservative. Yikes, what are we using on and around our kids ???  Then we wonder why are kids have asthma, allergies and other disease.
It's not that we are a bad parents because we use these products, it because these large companies spend so much money on advertising and store distribution and manufacturing that they have to cut the cost on the ingredients used in the products.
Not only that, they have shipped out their manufacturing to other countries, did you know 78% of the products that P&G products is made and manufactured in foreign countries.
We already know how China uses lead and other toxins in their products, who knows what else goes on in these manufacturing plants.
Wow, I guess I need to step off  my soap box this morning, I got a little carried away, I am just so passionate about sharing a safer lifestyle that if makes me mad these large companies are hurting people.

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