Thursday, February 21, 2013

Darn, I hate when he is right!

So last night when my husband came home, I couldn't wait to show him the finished blocks of my Scrappy Trip Around the World.
He stood there for the longest time and didn't say anything.
Of course, I loved it and was waiting for a positive response. When I asked him if he liked it, he said yes, but he didn't know where to rest his eyes on the quilt.
As I stood there and looked at it I had to admit, I saw his point of view.
So this morning I laid several different color borders along side my blocks.
When I put a solid brown around the sides it calmed the quilt and gave my eyes a resting place. Darn! I hate when he is right! But I also love it too!
I have the back all piece and ready to load onto my Long Arm.


  1. Yep. He's right. I hate it when my guy is right too. Except we sure do love the results. LOL

  2. He gives me good advice most of the time!

  3. Oh I love the boarder he's right it really finishes it, I love patchwork, I'm currently tempting my first :)

  4. It is absolutely beautiful! The brown definitely grounds it :-) Thank you for the inspiration!