Monday, February 4, 2013

Rest in Peace

Today my friend lost her battle with Cancer.
Diane was my quilting buddy, we both loved fabric and couldn't get enough of it. We called ourselves fabric hoarders. We often joked that if we ever became homeless we would live in our cars, but our cars would be beautiful because they would be filled with our beautiful fabrics.
I learned a very important lesson from my friend Diane, see she was the bread winner in her family. Her husband has had several serious illness which left him on disability. So Diane worked many long hours to be able to take care of her family. She was a planner, she would buy lots of material and patterns and books for that one day when she would retire and have time to sew. She always talked about what she wanted to do once she quit working. She wanted to sew, and learn how to use her embroidery machine and go away on quilting weekends.
All those projects, all that fabric will never be put to use by Diane.
 All those projects we planned on doing together I will do, no more putting it off. I will us all my fabric that I have hoarded, and I will begin today.
I will miss you Diane, you loved life and you always had a smile.