Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love a rainy day!

I just love a rainy day, it's the perfect excuse to spend the day in the sewing room.
I have anxiously be waiting to put my Scrappy Trip Around the World together.
I laid all my blocks down on the floor and just kept turning them until I found the one I liked the best.
I found that if I looked through my camera I could see the blks better.
First I liked this one.
Then I decided to change one block and than another until I came upon this one.
This is the one! I really don't like the double red in the corner and I thought about taking the blk apart and changing it, but then I got a grip of my OCD and decided to leave it alone.
I have really enjoyed making this Scrappy Trip and have pulled out all my Jelly Rolls out to make more!

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