Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More aches and pains.

Daryl's story.
Daryl had just bought a Fifth Wheel at my husband, Wally's work. Wally was giving Daryl a walk through of his new Fifth Wheel showing him how everything worked. Wally had noticed Daryl had a back brace on and was complaining of back pain. So Wally mentioned to Daryl that he used  to have issues with his back and knees until he started taking a supplement with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Daryl asked Wally where he could get this supplement, he said he had tried everything under the sun and he would be willing to try this too if it worked for Wally. So Wally called me up and I met with Daryl and showed him how he could order this supplement and I helped get him on track for a better quality of life. Daryl started right away on his supplement and after a few weeks went for a routine Chiropractor appointment. Daryl told him his back was feeling better and he told the Chiropractor about the supplement. Daryl's chiropractor laughed and told Daryl that he had partnered with the Company he had  purchased his supplement from and has been supplementing his chiropractic practice for over 10 years. He gave Daryl his seal of approval and told him to keep taking the supplement. 

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