Thursday, February 24, 2011

Question of the Day. Why wouldn't you????

Okay, here it is, my question of the day.
If someone showed you how you can buy safer products for your family, your home and the environment, products that were more cost effective than most store bought brands, than why wouldn't you want that????
I have been sharing this concept with family, friends and acquaintances for months and it always amazes me that people say they are not interested or that they are cutting back due to the economy.
Frankly, I want to shout HELLO !!!!! Your not interested in making your home safer for your family???? You not interested in taking the toxins and poisons out of your families lives?????
Your cutting back??? Do you still  brush your teeth? Wash your face, body and hair? Do you still have to wash your cloths???? Clean your house???? Wash the dishes???
 Maybe live a healthier life?????
Then why on earth would you pass the opportunity by to do these things????
I wonder if it is because you have to order every month? Again, I want to shout, HELLO !!!
You are going to the stores and purchasing these items monthly anyway, why not simple switch where you are shopping and reap the benefits of living a healthier, safer lifestyle while saving money.
Okay, I rest my case.

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