Monday, February 7, 2011

More of what they like...

Here are some more customer's testimonies.
Sheryl had so many stories to share I couldn't decided which one to pick so I decided to post them all.

My story is that I've had an itchy scalp as long as I can remember, I wanted a product to treat my damaged hair, I have a lot of breakage. So I purchased both the hair masque and the thermal treatment. Well when I used both of them together and put my hair in a shower cap for  between 5 and 10 minutes then rinse my hair, my head has stopped itching,   and I didn't even purchase it for that reason but both my head and hair feel great.thanks Sheryl

Mom has an iron I saw she was scrubbing with an SOS pad. I told her to try and use heavy duty cleaner and she did. The iron on stuff came right off the iron thanks  for sharing this wonderful company to us. Sheryl

Another story I have is that my dresser drawers in my room have always had this gummy feel to them. I have tried everything so I recently purchased  the furniture polish, and the gummy feeling is now gone.
Thanks Sheryl for sharing your great stories.

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